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Fruit Viol Mold

Fruit Viol Mold

Fruit viol mold is a special type of packaging designed for the protection and transportation of fruits. It carries fruits safely and practically.

Fruit Tray Mold

Fruit tray mold, Easy to Carry, Excellent Protection It is a type of packaging that resembles egg cartons but is specially designed for the transportation of fruits. . Continue reading our article to learn more about the production process of this unique packaging and its role in preserving fruits.

What is Fruit Viol Mold?

Fruit tray mold is a special type of packaging used for transportation and storage of fruits. It has a similar design to egg tray molds, but is larger and more durable. It is often used in orchards or markets.

Production Process

Fruit viol mold production involves certain steps and is carried out using special machines. Here are the outlines of this process:
  • 1. Material Selection: The production process begins with the selection of a cardboard material of appropriate thickness and durability. This material is important for the safe transportation of fruits.
  • 2. Viol Machine: A specially designed viol machine feeds the cardboard material and ensures that it takes the desired shape. These machines form the basic structure of the fruit vial by pressing the material.
  • 3. Shaping and Printing: The viol machine shapes the cardboard pulp into specific cells and prints the required patterns. This step involves creating compartments that additionally protect each fruit when fruits are placed inside the fruit tray.
  • 4. Drying Process: The shaped fruit molds are sent to a long drying oven. This oven removes moisture to increase the durability of the molds.
  • 5. Quality Control: Produced fruit tray molds are examined meticulously and their compliance with quality standards is checked. If any errors or defects are detected, they will be corrected.

The Role of Fruit Tray Mold

The fruit tray mold is the perfect solution for transporting and storing fruits. Each cell is designed to protect a fruit and ensure that it is transported without shaking. This is especially important for fruit that is delicate or prone to rot.

Additionally, fruit tray molds hold the fruits together and make them easier to transport. This is a great advantage for both fruit producers and consumers.

Fruit tray mold is an important type of packaging that helps in the safe transportation and storage of fruits. The manufacturing process enables the creation of durable and useful fruit tray molds. These packaging enable fruit producers to easily present their products in markets and consumers to enjoy fresh fruit. Fruit vial mold makes the journey of fruits safer and plays an important role in the packaging industry.